Kansas Area Watershed Council Archives

List of KAW Camps, Bioregional Congresses and related events

Appropriate Technology Center of Lawrence Ks 1979-1987

Black Hills Alliance Survival Gathering  Summer 1980 (near Rapid City SD)

1982 Spring KAW Camp, Camp Hammond, Shawnee Co Ks. Dana Jackson and David Haenke were guest speaker.  Resolution making process.  Kids maypole.  250 in attendance

1982 Spring     Konza, news of Kaw Council begins publication

1982 Summer/Fall KAW Camp  Tuttle Creek Reservoir, Near Manhattan Ks   Watermelons, swimming, prairie tales, circle talk “What Prairie means to me”  (East/central Ks)  60 in attendance

Dec 82 Horsethief Canyon at Kanopolis Reservoir,  Central Ks  Sunbathing, petroglyphs pilgrimage, sweat in cave fails after great effort.  20 attend

1983 May Day, Camp Hammond, OACC folk visit and give KAW a crystal.  Rosy’s Bar and Grill entertain.  We glut ourselves on icecream from the freezer meltdown at the Community Mercantile.  Rain   80 attend

1983  KAW begins clothing drive and sale (takes over for Lawrence Friends Committee)

1983  Kelly Kindscher and Vicky Foth walk from KC across Ks following the Kansas River and tributaries to source in Colorado.

1983 Harvest Moon Camp October at Charlie Smies near Courtland Ks, visit to Pawnee Village archeological site, long group walk, visit to Bertal Olson’s tool museum. etc  30 attended

1983  Hard Winter Camp, Mill Creek near Alma Ks  Extreme cold camping, walks in the snow covered Flint Hills, survival and tales around the campfire and melting moonboots.  7 attend

1984  Spring Hammond, Denise Low peotry reading, barn dance, wild and crazy singing around the campfire.  Kelly and Vicky present a slideshow of their walk across Ks and Colorado.    105 attend

1984  KAW’s road show goes to Colombia Mo for an evening of presenting info and songs and poems.  8 KAW folk attend

1984 Summer Camp at Timm and Lelain’s land near Galva Ks  Summer heat, sweat lodge, swimming and cemetery tour.  32 attend

Spring 1984  First North American Bioregional Congress near Excelsior Springs Mo  KAW is a co-sponsor and helped plan the event.  KAW along with OACC was a founding member of NABC.  (It was gone though many name changes since)  11 KAW folk attend

Fall 1984  Joint event with Kansas Natural Resource Council, Sierrria Club, Audubon Club of Ks at Camp Wood.  Visits by Wendell Berry, Wes Jackson, Least Heat Moon  KAW was in charge of food.  210 attend

Winter 1984  Return to Horsethief Canyon  Snowy but warm, camping, skinny dipping, long walks  10 attend

Spring 1985  Hammond “Animals of the prairie”   Kathy Barton/Dave Para’s music, All Species Parade, mask making, nature trails.  110 attend.

1985  Ken Lassman publishes his reference work and seasonal guide , Seasons and Cycle of the Prairie.

1985  KAW performan group tours various venues in Ks

Summer 1985  Castle Rock, Gove Co Ks.  All kinds of bizarre and spectacular weather.  David Ebbert organized the event   15 attend

Fall 1985  (October) Forest Park near Topeka.  Many guest speakers and performers , NABCII committee meetings  60 attend

Winter 1985  At Timm and Lelain’s house near Galva.  Warm, cozy, small group of 10.

1986  No spring camp due to illness of organizers in Nebraska

July 4-6,1986  Camped on the Lassman land south of Lawrence and took in Independence days activities in Lawrence and canoed on the KAW.   15 attended

1986 NABCII in Michigan(Aug 25-29)   6 Kaw folk attended

1986 Fall Camp at Hammond, “Sacred Places of the Prairie”  Movement workshops, mud body painting, sweat lodge , warm rain  98 attended

Winter 1986  Camp out at Vicky Martin’s place south east of Topeka.  Mud and food prep, walks on the wet prairie and muddy woods, winter games, good campfire food, bonfire   25 attended

Spring 87,  Retreat to find direction at Gloria Throne’s place west of Lawrence

Spring 87 Health Fair at Camp at Hammond.  Whole  Health workshops, cooking classes, meditation, movement, wild dancing.   108 attend

1987Kelly Kindscher publishes Wild Edible Plants of the Prairie, an Ethnobotanical Guide

Spring Clothes drive

Prairie Burns

Summer 87  Castle Rock, Return to Sacred Place.    Sweats, dips in stock tank brought in on back of truck, 6 mile walk to the Smoky River,  mud body painting, fossil hunting.  22 attend

Autumn 87  Charly Griffin’s place near Tuttle Creek Reservoir.  Walks in the rain, Halloween costume party, sauna, music   30 attend

Winter 87  Hutchinson headquarters at Mike Greever’s place   4 attend

Feb 88  KAW meet with Gary Snyder who was visting Lawrence

Spring 88  Camp Hammond, “Dreaming on the Prairie”  Dream workshops, dream sharing, attempt to meeting in dream.  120 attend

Spring 88  KAW roadtrip to Nebraska to see the Whooping Cranes on the Platte

Aug, 1988 NABC III in Squamish,Vancouver B.C. Canada  Several KAW folk converged in Seattle to carpool up and back  Many adventures and amazing good times.   11 KAW folk attend

Fall camp 1988  Wilson Reservoir,  Storytelling camp.  Surprise visit by Eagle Star.  Native American sweat in sticker patch, high wind comes up fanning sweat fire and almost starts a priaire fire.  30 attend

Winter 88  Camp at Palmers Cave west of Salina  wallowing on the prairie, petroglyph viewing walks on the prairie, sleeping in the “caves”.   Sweat lodge.   15 attend

1988  Joseph Meeker, nature writer, visited with KAW folk

March 89  Two carloads of folk go to the Platte to view th whooping crane migration.

89  KAW took the Whole Health Network under its umbrella.  Konza, News of KAW Council is folded into their newsletter, Well, Well, Well.

Feb 1989  Gary Snyder meets with KAW folk again

Spring 1989  Hammond “Prairie in Motion, Prairie Speaks.”  Workshops on  on dance, movement and poetry.  Central Prairie Seed Savers meet. Great Prairie Bioregional Congress (taking in all the prairie from Manitoba to Texas) organizing, Texas folk came for this  97 attend

Summer 1989  Charlie Griffin’s near Tuttle Creek Reservoir, walk among longhorns  10 people attend

Fall 1989   Camp on Mike Greever’s  land on the Little Ark river.  Made medicine wheel under Pat Ember’s  instruction, walks in the wet along the creeks, sweat lodge.   20 attend

Fall 89  Rich, Caryn Dan and Daniel went to Texas (near Austin) to help with their first bioregional gathering.

Winter 1989  Four hearty KAW folk went to Horsethief canyon for camp and seven met at Kelly’s land east of Lawrence for sweat lodge

Spring 1990  Camp at Hammond, “Learning the Language of the Prairie”.  Texas folk visit again.  Workshops on plants and animals.  Gene Marshall give a sermon/pep talk.  Stan Herd and Denise Low give presentations.  Workshop on prairie preservation and restoration     75 attend

Summer 1990  Charlie Griffin’s near Tuttle creek.  Third time there.  Northern lights a highlight.  15 attend.

Aug 90  Six KAW folk go to Gulf of Maine for TIBG IV

Fall 1990  Camp at Horsethief Canyon, explored rites of passage for younger members, instruction and help for novice campers   15 attend

Nov 1990 Elkins Prairie Plowed after much protest by various groups including KAW

Winter 90.  Wilson Reservoir.  10 attend

1991 Spring at Camp Hammond “A Reunion of Family and Friends”  barn dance.  Texas folk join us for planning meeting.  Laid back KAW style fun, kiddy corral a highlight.  Workshops on mask making and storytelling and family mapping.  Tipi making.  90 attend

Summer camp cancelled to plan for Great Prairie Bioregional Congress.  KAW recently presented 10 peotry reading/slid shows in the KC/Lawrence/Manhattan area.

Fall 1991 Great Prairie Bioregional Congress at Camp Wood, Chase Co Ks  KAW and the Texas bioregional groups planned and hosted this camp in the Flint Hills.  People came from all over the prairie bioregion to meet each other, discuss common issues and learn about the huge prairie bioregion  110 attended.  Later 4 KAW fok went as representatives to the 4th World Assembly in Texas.

No winter camp

1992 Spring Camp at Hammond, Super KAW, Celebratring the Circle, planned by KAW kids with supervision of Lavetta and others.  For once the adults have more fun than the kids.  Wolf slide show.   Texas organizers visit  75 attend

May, 1992  Bioregional Congress  TIBG V in Texas Hill Country  8 KAW folk attend

Summer 92, Castle Rock  10 attend

1992  Kelly Kindscher publishes Medicinal Wild Plants of the Prairie

Fall 1992  Indian Caves Nebraska

Winter 92  Camp in Texas Hill Country is cancelled due to bad weather

Spring 93  Drumming on the Prairie, Camp Hammond.  Workshops on how to make drums and rattles, info on prairie chickens, info on prairie chickens, Underwater Ks slideshow by Gerald Sneegas.  Vicky does rerun of slide show of 1983 prairie walk.  Cold rain all weekend.  65 attend

Summer 93  Camp at Mike Rundle’s home place in western Ks  7 attend.

Fall 93  Charlie Griffin’s near Manhatten.  Explored Grand Canyon of Tuttle Creek spillway, flood damage.  5 attend.  Stephanie Mills visits KAW folk.

Winter 93  Gloria and Mike hosted west of Lawrence.  Winter greenhouse tours of Lawrence ensued.   6 attend.

Spring 94  Animism on the Prairie, Camp Hammond.  Workshops on animals and plants.  Rainforest preserve slide show by Kirk Day.  Fresh morels, lots of rain, a delirious good time anyway.  67 attend.

Summer 94  Castle Rock, Gove County Ks.  Long walks, fossil hunting, spectacular weather, wind and rain storm.  9 attend.

94  Whole Health Network no longer a KAW project.

94  KAW folk visit with visiting author, Gary Snyder.

1994  Bioregional Congress in Kentucky  TIBG VI   9 KAW folk attend

Fall 94  Little Arkansas camp.  Sweats, walks in the drizzle, stalking wild turkeys, exploring old junkpile, retreat to Mike’s place on second night due to saturation and cold.  10 attend

Winter 94  Gloria and Mike’s place west of Lawrence.  Very cold and snow, sweats anyway.

Spring 95  Konza resumes publication

Spring 1995  Restoring our Prairies, a Weekend Celebartion of Ecological and Spritual Restoration May 5-7, Hammond

Fall 1995  (Oct 21)  Camped at Heartland Farm in dry creek bed. West of Great Bend  approx 17 people.  Farm tour, sweats and tipi.

Winter 1995 at Gloria Throne’s place.  Songs, stories and sweats.

Spring 1996  Hammond “Between the Prairie and the Stars”(May 3-5) Rehabilitated hawk release by Wildcare.  Programs:Eagle Banding by Craig Birrell, Astrology by Jean Attebury, Finding your place in family history by Dan Bentley, The Anthropology of Astronomy by Stan Lombardo.

Summer 1996  KAW summer camp on the Little Arkansas, host Mike Greever (July 12-13-14)

1996 First Bioregional Council of the Americas, Tepoztlan,Morelos Mexico (Nov 17-24)  Mark, Michael Almon and others rep us.

Fall 1996 camp at David Ebbert’s near Quinter (Oct 11-12)

Winter 1996  At Ken and Caryn’s south of Lawrence (Dec 31-Jan 1)

Spring 1997  Hammond “Learning the Language of the Prairie” David Abram and other writers visit (May 2-4)  Porta sweat meltdown.

July 19, Workday at Gloria’s plus KAW meeting

Summer 1997  Camp on Mike Greever’s land on the Little Ark

Fall 1997  David Ebbert’s place, Gove Co Ks  also in Lawrence KAW merged with the Rollin Down the River festivities (Oct 11-12)

Fall 1997  Turtle Island Bioregional Congress in Mexico

Early Spring  March 21 1998 Work day at Camp Hammond

Spring 98, (May 1-2-3 )  “Happy Mediums of Exchange, Creating Economically Sustainable Communities, Camp Hammond

July 18-20 1998  Summer Camp at Canus Latruns Abbey west of Lawrence on Stull road

Fall 1998  (Oct 3) Day trip to Prairie Labyrinth near Burr Oak Wooks Conservation area near Blue Springs Mo

Spring 1999  Hammond “Becoming the Prairie” (April 20, May 1 & 2) (KAW list-serv started)

1999  Meeting with Virtual Sheepherders at Rhonda Janke’s home near Manhattan

Summer 1999, Float down the Kaw Fiver, Wamego-St. George,  with Virtual Sheepherders from Manhattan and others.

Spring 2000 Hammond “More Than Saving What’s Left, Deepening the View of Kanas Lands”

Spring 2000, Clothing Drive.  Been doing it for about 20 years now.

Spring 2000 Several KAWsters met at Rhonda Janke’s house for a presentation by Robert Rankin, a KU linguistics prof  researching original Konza names of the Kaw River Tributaries

Summer Camp 2000 Float down the KAW with Rhonda Janke and others

June 25, 2000  KAW retreat at Joy’s house to re-evaluate  our goals

Jan 11, 2001   Books that have changed your life…meeting at Joy’s home followed by sauna

Spring 2001  April 27-28-29 Camp Hammond  “Living with the Earth”

Oct 7-13, 2002  8th Continental Bioregional Congress on the Prairie,  Camp Wood,  Flint Hills (KAW was a primary sponsor/organizer)

May 2-4, 2003  Peace and Place, Spring camp at Hammond

Spring 2004 Hosted by the kids.    Camp Hammond

Summer 2005?  Continental Congree IX  Katuah Bioregion, Earthaven

Camps have been continuous at least once a year to the present day.  We also have frequent (sometimes monthly) meetings to walk, talk and eat.  Spring clothes drives and subsequent sales were a year feature until 2010.

Spring 2010  Camp Hammond  One day meet, walks on the prairie, supper prep and eating

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  1. just found this – an interesting and enjoyable journey through the past – thanks to some Kawster….gloria throne glthrone@juno.com

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